JAAT held the NRCT-JSPS-JAAT Seminar

On March 19, JSPS Alumni Association of Thailand (JAAT) the NRCT-JSPS-JAAT Seminar “International research collaboration and how to get funded?”, together with NRCT (National Research Council of Thailand) and JSPS Bangkok Office.

The Seminar was kicked off with the Opening Remarks by Assoc. Prof. Sukanya Aimimtham, followed by the messages by Dr. Yoshio Otani, Director of JSPS Bangkok Office, and Dr. Wiparat De-ong, Executive Director, NRCT, respectively.

Assoc. Prof. Sukanya Aimimtham

Dr. Yoshio Otani

Assoc. Prof. Sukanya Aimimtham

In the seminar, three lectures were delivered as below.

Lecture 1
Lecturer: Prof. Ken Takahashi, Asbestos Diseases Research Institute, Australia (Current Honorary International Advisor, Former Director)
Lecture Title: International Research Collaboration: What are the Keys to Success?

Prof. Ken Takahashi’s presentation

Lecture 2
Lecturer: Assoc. Prof. Pongsakorn Tantilipikorn, Director of Strategic Team of Biomedical. Thailand Science, Research and Innovation (TSRI)
Lecture Title: Thailand Policy of Research and Development

Assoc. Prof. Pongsakorn Tantilipikorn’s presentation

Lecture 3
Lecturer: Dr. Taro Sonobe, Research Administrator, Deputy Director, Kyoto University ASEAN Center
Lecture Title: How to spice up a proposal for international collaboration grant with STI Coordinator

Dr. Taro Sonobe’s presentation

All the lecturers were responding polietly to the questions from the audience.

Following the seminar, JAAT General Assembly was held, in which JAAT activities in FY 2021 was reported and Assoc. Prof. Sukanya Aimimtham, Acting President of JAAT was selected as the next President.

Consequently, Dr. Ratana Tacharoenmuang from Department of Medical Sciences, National Institute of Health, introduced the research activity in Fujita Health University as a JSPS Ronpaku Fellow. An awarding medal for RONPAKU Graduates was given to Dr. Tacharoenmuang.

Dr. Ratana Tacharoenmuang

In the last part of the seminar, Assoc. Prof. Vilasinee Hirunpanich Sato from Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University reported the research activity at Showa University through FY2021 JSPS BRIDGE Fellowship Program.

Assoc. Prof. Vilasinee Hirunpanich Sato

The seminar and the JAAT General Assembly were successfully ended with about 60 participants.