JAAT organized the 2nd Executive Committee

JSPS Alumni Association of Thailand (JAAT) organized the 2nd Executive Committee of the year 2017 on 22 June at the office of National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT).

The main agendas were as follows:
1. Approval of minutes from Apr 27, 2017 (FY2017 the 1st JAAT Executive Committee Meeting)
2. Thailand Research Expo 2017
-It was confirmed that the speakers of JAPAN DAYS (23-24 August) during the period of Thailand Research Expo 2017 (23-27 August) will be decided within a few days.
– Dr. Kittisak, Dr. Kampanart and Dr. Natthanon, who are member of JAAT Executive Committee, were selected as a moderator of JAPAN DAYS.
3. Writing manuscript workshop
The workshops to be organized in regional universities and the international scientific seminar hosted by JSPS, JAAT and NRCT will be held at both north and middle of Thailand after October.
4. JAAT financial report for the year 2016
Dr. Jiraporn reported the accountig for fiscal year of 2016.
5. Website
Dr. Kampanart, who is responsible for the JAAT website, explained the details. After discussion, it was confirmed that the language of website will be English for Japanese and Thai people.
6. JAAT new committee application
Dr. Kampanart was selected as a new authorized person for the JAAT bank account.
7. Others
-Dr. Danai, JAAT president, introduced about the general assembly meeting of JAAP (JSPS Alumni Association of Philippines) on 12 July.


The next JAAT Executive Committee meeting will be held on 22 August, 2017.