JSPS-JAAT-NRCT Seminar “Health and Aging” and Presentaion on Ph. D. thesis by 2013 RONPAKU Medal Awardees

On 27th of February, 2015, JSPS-JAAT-NRCT seminar “Health and Aging” and presentaion on Ph. D. thesis by 2013 RONPAKU Medal awardees were held followed by JAAT Exco Meeting, General Assembly and JSPS-NRCT RONPAKU Medal award ceremony held in the morning.


JSPS-JAAT-NRCT seminar“Health and Aging

The theme of the seminar,“Health and Aging,” was suggested in the General Assembly of JAAT, considering the situation of Thailand that is rapidly moving into the aging society and Japan that has already experienced and developed the social system.  The seminar aimed at learning from Japan’s experience to deal with the aging society.

Dr. Kazuhiko Hamamoto from Tokai University made the keynote lecture under the title of “An Intuitive Human-Interface-web usability and virtual reality,” discussing how to create user-friendly Internet system for elderly.


From Thai side, Dr. Wichet Lelamanit, currently a member of JAAT and an incoming board member, gave a lecture under the title of “Herbal and dietary supplements for elderly people.”


Presentaion on Ph. D. thesis by 2013 RONPAKU Medal Awardees

6 out of 7 Thai researchers who succesfully obtained Ph. D. degrees in 2013 under RONPAKU program presented their Ph. D. thesis.

The themes of the presentations are as follows:

1. Dr. Anusak Kerdsin, Medical scientist, National Institute of Health

Genotypic Profile of Streptococcus suis Serotype 2 and Clinical Features of Infection in Humans, Thailand

2. Dr. Manthana Mitchai, Senior Scientist Researcher, Ministry of Public Health and Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University

The immunophenotypic study of NK cell and Lymphocyte Subset in HIV-1 infected patient under HAART.

3. Dr. Pacharee Thongkamkoon, Senior Veterinary officer, National Institute of Animal Health

Antimicrobial susceptibilities of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae field isolates and occurrence of enrofloxacin, macrolides and lincomycin resistance

4. Dr. Ratchanee Mukhjang, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business, Economics and Communications, Naresuan University

Real Economic Impacts on Villagers Working under OTOP Projects

5. Dr. Sirikan Limpakan (Yamada), Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University

Predominant mucosal IL-8 mRNA expression in non-cagA Thais is risk for gastric cancer

6. Dr. Suraphong Lorsomradee, Associate Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University

Less Invasive Arterial Pressure-derived Cardiac Output Monitoring: Effects of Alterations in Arterial Waveform

Dr. Anusak

Dr. Manthana

Dr. Pacharee



Dr. Suraphong