JSPS Alumni Association of Thailand (JAAT) Exco Meeting, General Assembly and JSPS-NRCT RONPAKU Medal Award Ceremony

JSPS Alumni Association of Thailand (JAAT) organized the Executive Committee meeting on 27 February, 2015, followed by the JAAT General Assembly and JSPS-NRCT RONPAKU Medal Award Ceremony.


JAAT Exective Committee meeting
It was held in prior to the JAAT General Assembly. Follwing topics were discussed and approved in the Exco meeting:
1.  JAAT member directory will be published in 2015.
2.  JAAT member card will be made and distributed to JAAT members from 2015.
3.  10 out of 11 current board members will remain in the next term and therefore five more new board members at maximum can be elected, according to the provision of JAAT. Exco will nominate new board members from JAAT members of other cities than Bangkok in the General Assembly.


JAAT General Assembly
More then 50 people attended the JAAT General Assembly which was chaired by Dr. Sunee, the President of JAAT, and Dr. Danai, the Secretary.


The Assembly nominated and elected four additional board members from other cities than Bangkok as follows;
Dr.Sirikan Limpakan, Committee
Dr. Kittisak Sawanyawisuth, Committee
Dr.Siripong Premjit, Committee
Dr. Wichet Leelamanit, Committee



Most of the current board members belong to universities and institutes near Bangkok.
It is expected that the new four board members, who are all from other cities than Bangkok, will further expand JAAT network.

JSPS-NRCT RONPAKU Medal Award Ceremony
Following the JAAT Exco meeting and General Assembly, JSPS-NRCT RONPAKU Medal award ceremony was held.  Since 2003, JSPS and NRCT has co-hosted the ceremony in order to honor and further encourage Thai researchers who obtained Ph.D degree under RONPAKU Program.

6 out of 7 awardees, who successfully obtained Ph.D. degrees in 2013, attended the ceremony.In the ceremony, Mr. Kristhawat Nopnakeepongse, Deputy Secretary-general of NRCT, and Dr. Sunee Mallikamarl, President of JAAT, congratulated the awardees and Prof. Kuniaki Yamashita, Director of JSPS Bangkok Office, awarded the medals.



Presentation on Ph.D. thesis by the awardees was held in the afternoon during the JSPS-JAAT-NRCT Seminar “Health and Aging.”