JSPS Guidance Seminar at Tribhuvan University (TU), Nepal

JSPS Guidance Seminar for the first time in Nepal was successfully organized on February 20, 2015 at Center for Energy Studies (CES), Pulchowk Engineering Campus, Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University (TU), Nepal. This was co-organized with Nepal JSPS Alumni Association (NJAA).


Tribhuvan University (TU) is the first national institution of higher education in Nepal. It was established in 1959. There are 38 central departments and 4 research centers in TU, and out of them 31 departments and 3 research centers are located at Kirtipur, located five kilometers away from Kathmandu city. In the current academic session (2014-2015) altogether 405,341 students have been enrolled at various levels of TU academic Programmes. 148,141 (36.55%) students study in its 60 constituent campuses including 38 central departments, while 257,200 (63.45%) students study in 1053 affiliated colleges.

Dr. Rijan

Dr. Rijan Bhakta Kayastha

Dr. Jibraj Pokharel

Dr. Jibraj Pokharel

Dr. Rijan Bhakta Kayastha, President of Nepal JSPS Alumni Association (NJAA) made an opening remarks to introduce NJAA. Subsequencely, Prof. Dr. Jibraj Pokharel, Vice Chancellor of Nepal Academy of Science and Technology spoke about strategy of science and technology and policies in Nepal. Prof. Kuniaki Yamashita, Director, and Mr. Daisuke Yamada, Deputy Director of JSPS Bangkok Office explained JSPS’s program menu.


Dr. Tri Ratna Bajracharya

Closing remarks was made by Prof. Dr. Tri Ratna Bajracharya, Dean of Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University.

The event was received attention from almost 50 researchers and students. JSPS Bangkok Office will continue to promote JSPS programs collaborating with NJAA.