Bridge Fellowship Program FY2015 nominating committee meeting for JSPS Alumni Association of Philippines (JAAP)

JSPS Alumni Association of the Philippines (JAAP) held FY2015 Bridge Fellowship Program nominating committee meeting on March 10, 2015 at Philippine Council for Health Research and Development, DOST. Prof. Kuniaki Yamashita, Director of JSPS Bangkok Office attended the meeting as a member.

The nominating committee consists of four members; Dr. Jaime C. Montoya, President of JAAP, Dr. Renato G. Reyes, Secretary General of JAAP, Prof. Kuniaki Yamashita, Director of JSPS Bangkok Office, and Dr. Amelia Guevarra, Undersecretary of DOST, Philippines.

The BRIDGE Fellowship Program is provided exclusively for regular members of officially-established JSPS alumni associations who have conducted research activities in Japan under the Postdoctoral Fellowships for Foreign Researchers or other JSPS programs. It gives them an opportunity to create, sustain and/or strengthen research collaborations with Japanese colleagues.

After the just and transparent deliberation, JAAP decided to recommend one researcher to FY2015 Bridge Fellowship from among 6 applicants. The Nominee from JAAP is subject to be approved by JSPS headquarters.

Consecutively, JSPS Bangkok Office and JAAP President and Secretary General discussed activity schedule for FY2015. JAAP annual general assembly meeting and symposium will be held on July 27, 2015.


From left: Deputy Director, Director of JSPS Bangkok, DOST Usec, JAAP president, JAAP Secretary

After the meeting, JAAP President and Secretary General and JSPS members made a courtesy visit to the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines to discuss further support and collaboration.

Embassy of Japan in the Philippines

From the left: Mr. Kitagawa, Dr. Montoya, Prof. Yamashita, Dr. Reyes, Mr. Yamada