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Japanese Universities with Thai Offices

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Japanese University with Thai Office Hokkaido Tohoku Kanto Chubu Kinki Chugoku and Shikoku Kyushu


Public (National) University
Hokkaido University / Hokkaido University Liaison Office in Thailand
Private University
Hokkaido Information University / Hokkaido Information University (HIU) HIU International Office in Thailand


Public (National) University
Hirosaki University / Hirosaki University Khon Kaen Liaison Office
Public (National) University
Tohoku University / Tohoku University Thailand Office
Public (National) University
Akita University / Akita University - Chulalongkorn University Joint Research Laboratory Akita University Bangkok Office


Public (National) University
University of Tsukuba / University of Tsukuba Center for Research on International Cooperation in Educational Development (CRICED)
Public (National) University
Chiba University / Chiba University Bangkok Center, International Exchange Center of Chiba University at Mahidol University
Public (National) University
KOSEN (National Institute of Technology) / KOSEN (National Institute of Technology)Thailand Liaison office
Public (National) University
The University of Electro-Communications / The University of Electro-Communications UEC ASEAN Research and Education Center (UAREC)
Public (National) University
Tokyo Institute of Technology / Tokyo Tech ANNEX Bangkok
Public (National) University
Tokyo Medical and Dental University / Tokyo Medical and Dental University Chulalongkorn University- Tokyo Medical and Dental University Research and Education Collaboration Center
Private University
Private University
Chuo University / Chuo University Chuo-Thammasat Collaboration Center
Private University
Meiji University / Meiji University ASEAN Center
Private University
Shibaura Institute of Technology / Shibaura Institute of Technology SIT Satellite Office in Thailand
Private University
Soka University / Soka university Thammasat University-Soka University Liaison Office
Private University
Sophia University / Sophia University Sophia ASEAN Hub Center
Private University
Takushoku University / Takushoku University Thai Desk
Private University
Tokai University / Tokai University ASEAN Office
  • Tokai University For Thailand
  • Tokai University For other Southeast Asian countries
Private University
Tokyo International University / Tokyo International University (TIU) TIU Thailand Office
Private University
Waseda University / Waseda University Bangkok Branch Office
Public (National) University
Yokohama National University / Yokohama National University PSU-YNU International Office


Public (National) University
Nagaoka University of Technology / CU-NUT GIGAKU Techno Park Office
Public (National) University
University of Toyama / Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University – University of Toyama
Public (National) University
Kanazawa University / Kanazawa University Bangkok Office
Public (National) University
University of Fukui / University of Fukui HISAC Bangkok’s Office
Private University
Fukui University of Technology / Fukui University of Technology Representative Office [ASEAN Office]
Public (National) University
Shizuoka University / Shizuoka University Thailand Office at Thammasat University
Public (National) University
Nagoya University / Nagoya University Bangkok Office
Private University
Meijo University / Meijo University Thailand Satellite Office (TSAT)


Public (National) University
Mie University / Mie University Thailand Center for Education & Research at Thammasat University
Public (National) University
Kyoto Institute of Technology / Kyoto Institute of Technology Bangkok Key Station/ Chiang Mai Key station
Public (National) University
Kyoto University / Kyoto University ASEAN Center / CSEAS Bangkok Liaison Office
Public (National) University
Osaka University / Osaka University ASEAN Center for Academic Initiatives
Private University
Kansai University / KANSAI UNIVERSITY Bangkok Office
Public (National) University
Nara Institute of Science and Technology / Nara Institute of Science and Technology NAIST Thailand Office

Chugoku and Shikoku

Public (National) University
Okayama University / Okayama University Bangkok Office AP-SixERS (SixERS ASEAN Platform)
Public (National) University
Yamaguchi University / Yamaguchi University International Collaboration Office, Bangkok
Private University
University of East Asia / University of East Asia UEA ASEAN CENTER
Public (National) University
Kochi University / Kochi University Thailand Liaison Office


Private University
Fukuoka Institute of Technology / Fukuoka Institute of Technology (FIT) FIT Bangkok Office at KMITL (FBK)
Public (National) University
Kumamoto University / Kumamoto University Bangkok Office AP-SixERS(SixERS ASEAN Platform) KMUTT Knowledge Exchange for Innovation Center(KX)12F
Public (National) University

Supporting Organization

AUN/SEED-Net / AUN/SEED-Net ASEAN University Network/Southeast Asia Engineering Education Development Network
The e-ASIA Joint Research Program / The e-ASIA Joint Research Program
Study in Japan Global Network Project in ASEAN
Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) / JASSO Thailand Office
JSPS Alumni Association of Thailand (JAAT) / JAAT
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science / JSPS Bangkok Office

Japanese Universities' Network in Thailand (JUNThai)

There are more than 50 Japanese higher education related organizations that hold local liaison offices in Thailand today. Japanese Universities’ Network in Thailand (JUNThai) was established in January 2015 to exchange information on such organizations, cooperate in activities and promote friendship between teachers based in Thailand.


(1)Exchange and share information on tasks and pressing issues regarding mutual cooperation between Japanese and Thai universities such as academic exchange;
(2)Acquire opportunities to learn trends and activities of Thai academic institutions including universities and provide them with information;
(3)Facilitate interaction among teachers based in Thailand to support rich and fulfilling life;
(4)Mutually collaborate and cooperate among local offices of universities;
(5)Exchange information on student exchange and admission of international students; and
(6)Provide universities in Thailand with contact information on Japanese universities.


Members are composed of universities that hold overseas offices or centers including liaison offices in Thailand.
The following public institutions collaborate with JUNThai in its management as permanent observers: Embassy of Japan in Thailand, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Bangkok Office, Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), The Japan Foundation and Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).


JUNThai gathers every 3 months with the cooperation of Embassy of Japan in Thailand. It promotes fellowship and friendship by holding lectures on international academic exchanges by JUNThai’s members and Thai government officials as well as meetings to exchange information among its members.

The Founding Prospectus of JUNThai can be downloaded from the link below:
[URL link to download the Founding Prospectus of JUNThai]

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