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JSPS has launched follow-up activities aimed at forming and maintaining a network between former JSPS fellows and JSPS itself as well as among the former JSPS fellows.

The first JSPS alumni association was established in Germany in 1995. The success of this alumni association in Germany has led the way to the other countries. JSPS alumni associations were established one after another, now 20 associations all over the world. JSPS Bangkok Office is in charge of supporting Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Nepal, Indonesia and Malaysia.

JSPS Alumni Association of Thailand (JAAT)

JSPS Alumni Association of Thailand (JAAT) was established on 5 February 2010. JAAT is an outgrowth of the Association of RONPAKU Alumni of Thailand (ARAT), established in February 2005. The members comprise past participants in such JSPS programs as its postdoctoral and invitational fellowships for overseas researchers in Japan and its Core University Program. JAAT’s initial name was the JSPS Alumni Forum of Thailand (JAFT), amended in its third General Assembly on 3 February 2012 for the purpose of officially chartering the association in Thailand. JAAT registered Thai government as non-profit organization on Sep. 14, 2012.

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Indian JSPS Alumni Association (IJAA)

Indian JSPS Alumni Association (IJAA) was founded in the year 2006 with four chapters established in India to govern all over India in better way as North Chapter, West Chapter, South Chapter and East Chapter. It was founded with the objectives to promote and advance scientific exchange, research and cultural collaboration between India and Japan, to encourage collaborative research amongst the Indian JSPS Fellows and research collaborators in Japan as well as to provide a common platform to the Indian JSPS Fellows. Among its several scientific activities, IJAA organizes an international conference every year in the emerging fields of science and technology with the sponsorship of JSPS.

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Bangladesh JSPS Alumni Association (BJSPSAA)

Bangladesh JSPS Alumni Association (BJSPSAA) is an association of scholarly researchers and professionals of the society who have been awarded with Fellowships or completed PhD under the RONPAKU program of the JSPS, or other international programs from JSPS. BJSPSAA was established in March, 2009 with direct support and guidance from the Embassy of Japan in Bangladesh and JSPS Head Office in Tokyo, Japan.

JSPS Alumni Association of Philippines (JAAP)

JSPS Alumni Association of Philippines (JAAP) was established as the 14th official JSPS Alumni Association. The DOST-JSPS Society of Philippines Ronpaku Fellows (PRF) was begun in July, 2005 under the Philippines Department of Science and Technology (DOST) support as the forerunner of the new alumni association. PRF had been holding active outreach fora and seminars with DOST support and cooperation. JSPS Bangkok Office suggested PRF move away toward JSPS official Alumni Association to further promote their activities. With the suggestions of JSPS Bangkok Office, PRF recruited other JSPS alumni members and established JAAP finally in April, 2013. After appointment of president, registration to the government, and application to JSPS headquarters, JAAP was approved as an official JSPS Alumni Association in September, 2013.

Nepal JSPS Alumni Association (NJAA)

Nepal JSPS Alumni Association (NJAA) was officially approved as the 15th official JSPS Alumni Association in December, 2015. NJAA held its 1st preparatory meeting and established the taskforce for the launch of the alumni association in February, 2014.Since then, it held meetings to prepare the constitution, activity plan and organization of the executive committee. In spite of the Nepal Earthquake occurred in April 2015, NJAA was officially launched with great enthusiasm and effort of NJAA members.Also it had already been registered in the district office of Lalitpur, Government of Nepal in December 2014.

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JSPS Alumni Association of Indonesia (JAAI)

JSPS Alumni Association of Indonesia (JAAI) was approved as the 17th official JSPS Alumni Association in December, 2016. When JAAI held its 1st preparatory workshop in November, 2015, it established temporary executive council and held meetings to discuss about the future activity plan. JAAI was officially launched in March, 2017 following to Declaration and Congress was held in November, 2016.

JSPS Alumni Association Malaysia (JAAM)

JSPS Alumni Association Malaysia (JAAM) was approved in September 2019 as the 20th official JSPS Alumni Association.
By now, the KUFS-USM Japan Science Center in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and the JSPS Bangkok Office have led guidance seminars to introduce JSPS's international programs and meetings to establish an alumni association.
At the annual meeting of the Vice-Chancellors' Council of National Universities in Malaysia (VCC) which held at the Ministry of Higher Education in Kuala Lumpur in February 2018, the establishment of the JSPS Alumni Association Malaysia was on the agenda and was unanimously approved and Preparatory Committee Secretariat was commissioned to USM.
In March 2019, the first general assembly of the JSPS Malaysia Alumni Association was held at the USM to approve to establish JSPS Alumni Association Malaysia (JAAM).
In the future, it is expected to enhance its presence as an academic network in Malaysia.

Bridge Fellowship Program

The fellowship is provided for world-wide overseas JSPS Alumni regular members who had conducted research activities in Japan under the JSPS programs to revisit Japan for the purpose of creating, sustaining and/or strengthening research collaborations with Japanese researchers. The regular member of JSPS Alumni association in each country is eligible for this program.

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