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The JSPS Alumni Association of Thailand (JAAT) was established on 5 February 2010, the day celebrating the 20th anniversary of JSPS’s Bangkok Office. JAAT’s president Dr. Busaba Yongsmith, professor, Faculty of Science, Kasetsart University, now in her second term, has served in the post since the association’s establishment.

JAAT is an outgrowth of the Association of RONPAKU Alumni of Thailand (ARAT), established in February 2005. The members comprise past participants in such JSPS programs as its postdoctoral and invitational fellowships for overseas researchers in Japan and its Core University Program. JAAT’s initial name was the JSPS Alumni Forum of Thailand (JAFT), amended in its third General Assembly on 3 February 2012 for the purpose of officially chartering the association in Thailand.

JAAT’s mission is to provide a hub for all JSPS alumni in Thailand. It serves as a matrix in which knowledge is incubated, exchanged and integrated so as to advance scientific activities that will accrue to national development. Strengthening the relationship between Thai and Japanese academic institutions with the help of Bangkok Office is another of JAAT’s major roles.

At present, JAAT has about 80 regular members. Its nine executive committee members carry out a variety of functions in such capacities as the association’s secretary and accountant. Executive committee meetings are held regularly with the attendance of the Bangkok Office director.

JSPS-NRCT RONPAKU Medal Award Ceremony FY2012

committee meetings are held regularly with the attendance of the Bangkok Office director.
As illustrated above, JAAT was born and raised in close cooperation with JSPS Bangkok Office, while its decision-makings have always been carried out autonomously at the association’s executive committee meetings and general assemblies. Over the association’s first two years, it has taken several steps to gain registration as a judicial entity, seeking increasingly more autonomy in its operation. As the first JSPS alumni association in Southeast Asia, JAAT eyes a leading role pursued in collaboration with sister alumni associations in this and other regions of the world.

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JAAT By-Laws (English translation)

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