JSPS Alumni Association of Philippines (JAAP) held the 9th lecture of WEBINAR SERIES 2021 “LIVING IN THE NEW NORMAL AND BEYOND”

On September 25, 2021, the 9th lecture of WEBINAR SERIES 2021 “LIVING IN THE NEW NORMAL AND BEYOND” was held by JSPS Alumni Association of the Philippines (JAAP) in partnership with Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

The lecture was opened by opening remarks by Dr. Danilda Haufana-Duran, President of JAAP, JSPS RONPAKU and BRIDGE Fellow, and Scientist I, Philippine Carabao Center.

Dr. Danilda Haufana-Duran

After the remarks, Dr. Leah J. Buendia, Assistant Secretary for International Cooperation, Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and Dr. Yoshio Otani, Director of JSPS Bangkok Office delivered inspirational messages, respectively.

Dr. Leah J. Buendia

Dr. Yoshio Otani

Following the remarks and messages, a presentation entitled “Making Quality a Way of Life: A Start-up at this Time of Pandemic” was made by Dr. Miflora Minoza-Gatchalian, CEO of Quality Partners Company, Ltd. And Retired UP Full Professor and JSPS Awardee.

Dr. Miflora Minoza-Gatchalian

Dr. Miflora Minoza-Gatchalian’s presentation

In the seminar, Dr. Minoza-Gatchalian explained the “quality” as “state of mind”, which affects inter-personal communication, work relationship, and product and service. Then she mentioned that this process starts from our daily life: we need to work hard to make quality a habit and this training must not be stopped. She also introduced how we can bring the habit to the work environment, or our home vice versa. When quality is a part of our daily life, culture of excellence will emerge at both of our private and public place, she concluded.

After the presentation, questions were made from participants, about how we can reorientate ourselves, how quality habits can be installed to Filipino culture, and so on. For these questions, Dr. Minoza-Gatchalian clearly answered.

Finally, Dr. Maria Rowena Eguia, Vice president of JAAP delivered closing remarks.

Dr. Maria Rowena Eguia

The lecture was streamed at zoom and JAAP Facebook page. It ended successfully with a lot of participants.