JSPS Guidance Seminar at University of Yangon, Myanmar

On 11 December, 2019, JSPS Bangkok Office organized a JSPS guidance seminar at University of Yangon, Myanmar. We hold the same seminar in January 2018.
This year is the 100th anniversary of University of Yangon. We had many attendees this year too.

The seminar was opened with welcome address by Prof. Dr. Pho Kaung, Rector, of University of Yangon.
In his speech, he recommended to make the most of the international program of JSPS, and he wished all researchers can experience their own research life.

After photo session, Prof. Yamashita, Director, JSPS Bangkok Office introduced JSPS itself. He explained that JSPS supports young researchers. He also said that he want the Alumni of Myanmar researchers to establish their Alumni association near future.
Afterward, Ms. Usui, and Mr. Hamabata, International Program Associates presented JSPS international programs.