[PR]:JSPS-Net New Service Announcement

The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) is pleased to announce the launch of Researchers Social Networking Service, JSPS Researchers Network (JSPS-Net), a brand new social networking service exclusively dedicated to facilitating exchange among researchers and research-support personnel.

JSPS Researchers Network (JSPS-Net) supports networking among researchers and research support personnel interested in creating collegial communities and pursuing activities such as joint research, information exchange on research careers, or friendly get-togethers.
While helping to expand such activities, the site works to promote and facilitate international research exchange.

JSPS Researchers Network (JSPS-Net) URL: https://www-jsps-net.jsps.go.jp/

Main functions of JSPS-Net
・Connection: Member search is possible from various points of view of an area, a research field, message transmission, friend application function.
・Community: Researchers in same field or same area can communicate, share information, establish new project any place and time. Alumni management is easily feasible.
・Event page: Event page for all JSPS-Net’s general member and for group members, information and enroll management, Unified management is possible.

We are pleased to announce to our users that the following new services are introduced to make more effective use of JSPS-Net.

(1) Providing updated information on competent early-carrier researchers for the better matching of researchers “Seeking early-carrier researcher”.

Those who wish to accept early-carrier researchers in their laboratories, such as postdoctoral researchers, as hosts, please enter the following necessary information and send it to us in the address below.
It is intended to help find better match between host researchers and early-carrier researchers by publishing the updated information on the JSPS-Net.

Necessary Information:
Affiliated Institution / General Description of Institution / Address of Institution / Host Researcher’s name / Host Researcher’s Position/ Research Discipline and detail

Job title(Position) / Desired Skills and Experiences / Entry Requirements / Process/ Contact(email address)/ Others (If you have extra notes to add.)


(2) Introduction of the new search field “I am looking for”

You can make the most of the information collected in the field in the Profile information after logging in.

The field has the following options and you can use them as and whenever necessary.
You are able to find better match by using other fields together at Member Search.

“I am looking for” field.
1. early-career researcher(s)
2. a host researcher
3. research partner(s)

(3) Introduction of “My Research Life” the updated information providing service that entirely focuses on individual researchers.

The service aims to help form the connection that will become useful to researchers’ lives.
Researchers who are active in the same research areas or work in the same local areas get to know and sometimes stimulate each other by introducing themselves, particularly on their research topics and activities.

For those who wish to join the publication on the net, please enter the following necessary information and send it to us in the address below.

Necessary Information:
Your name / Affiliation / position and research theme and attach your portrait picture in 170 × 170 px.
Please give the description of the your research and research activities in 100 to 300 words in English, and also attach 1 or 2 picture(s) related to them.

*** Please note that the maximum file size limit for uploads is 5MB.***

Please click on the link below for more detail.
(My Research Life) https://www-jsps-net.jsps.go.jp/learnmore


We are looking forward to receiving the latest information from many of you.

JSPS-Net will continue offering the effective networking service for researchers.
Thank you for your support and cooperation.

We would be grateful if you would introduce JSPS-Net to your Friends.

JSPS Researchers Network(JSPS-Net): <a href=”http://www-jsps-net.jsps.go.jp/learnmore”>https://www-jsps-net.jsps.go.jp/</a>

Contact: JSPS-Net Administrator (e-mail: jsps-net@jsps.go.jp)