“Japan Education Fair” and JSPS Guidance Seminar at Prince of Songkla University

JSPS Bangkok Office organized a program guidance seminar at Prince of Songkla University (PSU) on February 16, 2016 as a part of “Japan Education Fair” organized by the Embassy of Japan in Thailand. This was the 4th guidance seminar held in PSU since 2012.

PSU was established in 1967 as the first university in southern Thailand, offering various programs of education consistent with the needs of their communities. It is one of the nine research universities in Thailand.

Japanese delegates including embassy staff members and Japanese universities are welcomed by Dr. Pattara Aiyarak, Vice President of Global Solutions and informatics, followed by the speech of Mr. Hideo Fukushima, Minister of the Embassy of Japan in Thailand.

During the meeting, participants discussed how Japanese universities improve themselves to attract Thai students and provide information on scholarships available to study in Japan.


JSPS guidance seminar was convened with around 20 participants.


Dr. Suppasil Maneerat, Deputy Director of Research and Development Office made his opening remarks. Dr. Suppasil had participated in JSPS Core University Program supported by Yamaguchi University and Kasetsart University and received his PhD degree from Okayama University under the support of MEXT scholarship.

Following was the presentation by Ms. Noriko Furuya, Deputy Director and Ms. Hisako Tsuji, International Program Associate of JSPS Bangkok Office about JSPS and its international programs.

Dr. Suppasil and Ms. Tsuji

Dr. Suppasil and Ms. Tsuji

The session also featured two speakers from PSU. Dr. Sompong Te-chato, associate professor of Faculty of Natural Resources, who was recipient of Monbukagakusho scholarship and RONPAKU Fellowship, who obtained his Ph.D. degree at Chiba University explained about JSPS programs and his experience.
Dr. Vannarata Saechan, Faculty of Veterinary Science, who is an executive committee member of JAAT had participated Core-to-Core program and Bridge Fellowship program. She explained her research experience at University of Tokyo and Tohoku University.

Dr. Vannarat and Dr. Sompong

Dr. Vannarat and Dr. Sompong

In the Q&A session, question were raised about the application process. Dr. Suppasil mentioned that he had tried several times till he was selected. It was emphasized that although JSPS international programs are highly competitive, applicants should consult well with the host researcher and try many times and not give up.