JASTIP Symposium 2021 (京都大学ASEAN拠点開催)のご案内

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Co-creative Mechanism in STI coordination between Japan and ASEAN: Spice up our scientific projects with STI coordinators


Day 1: 2021年12月13日(月) 15:00-18:00 (JST: GMT+9) <13:00-16:00 (Jakarta)>
Day 2: 2021年12月14日(火) 16:00-19:00 (JST: GMT+9) <14:00-17:00 (Jakarta)>

オンライン(Zoom)開催 (Zoomリンクは開催までに連絡されます。)

JASTIP (Japan-ASEAN Science, Technology and Innovation Platform) phase 2 aims to establish a co-creation mechanism for joint research in which ASEAN and Japan plan, promote, and bear the cost of research together and link the results to solutions of social issues. JASTIP has already started to train STI (Science Technology Innovation) coordinators, who will be responsible for identifying seeds of joint research, coordinating co-creation mechanisms, and building and strengthening their networks as a common asset for ASEAN and Japan. This symposium aims to present the achievements and future development of STI coordinators’ training to relevant researchers, policy makers, funding agencies and the private sectors in ASEAN and Japan. It also aims to share importance of coordinators, and to seek advice on the co-creation mechanism and the role of STI coordinators in ASEAN and Japan.