2021年9月25日(土)に、JSPSフィリピン同窓会(JAAP)が日本学術振興会とのパートナーシップのもと、WEBINAR SERIES 2021 “LIVING IN THE NEW NORMAL AND BEYOND” の第9回 Webinarを開催します。

2021年9月25日(土)13:30-16:00 (Philippines time)

Making Quality a Way of Life: A Start-up at this Time of Pandemic

Miflora Minoza-Gatchalian, Ph.D
CEO, Quality Partners Company, Ltd.
Retired UP Full Professor and JSPS Awardee


“Quality” is globally associated with “customer satisfaction”. Thus, knowing one’s customer is a major consideration in the quest for quality. Psychologists say “quality” is a state of mind and is a personal pursuit by committed individuals. Who then is one’s most important customer? Note, that unless a person satisfies oneself, satisfying others would be close to impossible, implying that the most important customer is ONESELF. Only when self is satisfied can one expect to satisfy others. The 3Ps is a self-assessment tool that measures one’s quality status. The first P is Performance or one’s outputs like goods or services, the second P or Pricing is cost in terms of time, money and effort used in production and the third P is Punctuality or delivery of goods or services on time as promised. Achieving the 3Ps, whether at home or at work, requires a lot of self-discipline, persistence and doing good to others as a routine. For this to happen, the PPM of quality must first be put in place which, through time, would ultimately become a habit. The first P (Planning) designs one’s daily activities that allows early error detection since the second P (Prevention) gives danger warnings of situations which could affect plan implementation. Since “Planning” is documented, then M (Monitoring) can be readily accomplished. Capability to perform the PPM require a good knowledge and understanding of the 3Ps to ensure that customer satisfaction is met at all times. Trainings on quality plus regular and daily practice of PPM will translate these activities into a habit which, after some time, becomes a “way of life”. When leaders at home and at work seriously model “making quality as a way of life” the Pandemic’s negative effects on people around them will be significantly reduced since sustained customer satisfaction definitely enhances people’s happiness level leading to the emergence of a “ culture of quality” at home and at work.